New Orleans For Dummies Julia Kamysz Lane

ISBN: 9780470069349

Published: January 30th 2007


340 pages


New Orleans For Dummies  by  Julia Kamysz Lane

New Orleans For Dummies by Julia Kamysz Lane
January 30th 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 340 pages | ISBN: 9780470069349 | 10.23 Mb

Whether you want to go to New Orleans for its history or the revelry...the incredible, unique cuisine or the music and club scene...the risque aura of Bourbon Street or the ritzy lushness of the Garden District, this is your fun and easy guide to exploring and enjoying The Big Easy. New Orleans is indeed open for business- more than 1000 restaurants and more than half of the areas hotels are welcoming visitors.

Written by Julia Kamysz Lane, a resident and fan of the Crescent City, New Orleans For Dummies, 4th Edition helps you make your most of your time, with: A full chapter on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, plus sections called Assessing Katrinas Effect at the beginning of relevant chapters and the post-hurricane status for every listingDining info on where to try a variety of local flavors, such as Cajun and Creole cuisine at Emerils, Antoines, or Arnauds, a romantic dinner at Court of Two Sisters, a greasy, roast-beef po boy from Elizabeths, a plateful of shucked oysters from Acme Oyster House, or beignets --tasty fried doughnuts -- to start your day at Cafe du MondeAdvice on shopping for everything from exquisite antiques and fine art to pralines and T-shirtsA rundown of the citys varied and exciting cultural scene, including the best bars and clubs in the French Quarter and beyondInfo on cultural and historic attractions, including the Canal Streetcar, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the mansions on St.

Charles Avenue, the courtyards in the French Quarter, the antebellum plantation houses in the Garden District, and moreAn overview of the vibrant, eclectic music scene, including where to catch live jazz, R & B, Cajun or zydeco vibes, or modern-day brass bands getting funkyFour suggested itineraries, plus three day tripsLike every For Dummies travel guide, New Orleans For Dummies, 4th Edition includes: Down-to-earth trip-planning adviceWhat you shouldnt miss -- and what you can skipThe best hotels and restaurants for every budgetHandy Post-it Flags to mark your favorite pagesThe jazz is jammin, the jasmine is blooming, and the jambalaya is simmering, so get this book and get packing.

The infinite variety and captivating mystique of New Orleans await you.

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